Arctic Bluet

Kohteesta Korentowiki
Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun

Arctic Bluet Coenagrion johanssonii

Small, diminutive and dark, Arctic Bluet is a small bluet of swamps, bogs and marshes. Males are quite straightforward to identify due to their small size, extensive black colouration under abdomen, M-shaped mark on 2. adbominal segment and very dark sides of thorax. Females are very dark, with blue on abdomen restricted to the end of 9. segment.

Local but not uncommon in Southern Finland, becomes more and more common towards north. Found on swamps and bogs, especially in small, peaty forest lakes.

Flight period: June-July.

20070714 coejoh k Ahlainen.jpg

Male is a small, dark damselfly with largely black underside of abdomen.

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