Dark Bluet

Kohteesta Korentowiki
Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun

Dark Bluet Coenagrion armatum

Syn. Norfolk Damselfly

Very dark bluet. Males are rather easy to identify: thorax is usually apple-green, abdomen is largely black, the antehumeral stripes are almost nonexistant and the anal appendages are very large. Females are very dark above, with blue restricted to 2., 3. and 9. abdominal segments.

Usually found on different standing waters. These usually have lush vegetation with lots of emergent vegetation. The species is quite local, but in suitable places can suddenly appear in thousandfolds.

Common but local in southern and central Finland, with isolated outposts in Finnish Lapland.

Early species, emerging in May and usually flying only until late June; becomes scarce in July. Flight period: May-August

Coearm 23052007 Hollola makinen3.jpg

Male. Sometimes even remiscinent of Ischnura bluets, the large anal appendages are a dead giveaway. Jussi Mäkinen

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