Eurasian Baskettail

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Eurasian Baskettail Epitheca bimaculata

Enigmatic emerald, which resembles Libellula dragonflies more than the emeralds proper. Very difficult to see and even more difficult to catch - the species flies far away from shore, either above the water or high above the ground. The species is not very uncommon, and large spiny larvae and exuviae are found regularly.

Southern and central Finland, but quite possibly underrecorded. Found on meso- and eutrophic, lush lakes with lots of emergent vegetation and often extensive reedbeds.

Flight period: Emerges and peaks in June, latest records from August.


Male. Smoke-tinted wings with two large black spots at the hindwing bases, long legs and yellowish-black colouration. Petri Metsälä

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