Robust Spreadwing

Kohteesta Korentowiki
Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun
Robust Spreadwing
Scientific classification
Order: Dragonflies (Odonata)
Suborder: Damselflies (Zygoptera)
Family: Spreadwings (Lestidae)
Genus: Lestes Leach 1815
Species: dryas Kirby 1890

Robust Spreadwing Lestes dryas

syn. Scarce Emerald Damselfly

Uncommon in southern and central Finland, apparently most common on southwestern coastal plains and near Hanko cape. Favours very small waterbodies, which often dry out during summer. May be overlooked due to identification difficulties.

Flight season June-August

Lestes dryas m rane olsen.jpg

Male. Identification should be confirmed in hand. Rane Olsen

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