Crescent Bluet

Kohteesta Korentowiki
Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun

Crescent Bluet Coenagrion lunulatum

Syn. Irish Damselfly

Very uncommon and local in Southern Finland, apparently more common in central and northern Finland. Common around Lake Inari basin in Inari Lapland. Very local species. Found on relatively clear-watered bog lakes and ponds, often with lots of aquatic vegetation. Near Lake Inari region also found at oligotrophic gravel-bottomed ponds. Early species, emergence peak at late May in south, later in north.

Flight period: May-July

Coelun31052007sipoo makinen.jpg

Male is dashingly coloured, with a dark abdomen and apple-green underside of thorax and eyes. Beware Dark Bluet Coenagrion armatum! Jussi Mäkinen

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